Ducati Multistrada Upgrades

On my first ride on the Multistrada I noticed major buffeting from the windscreen.  The screen has height adjustment – I tried it all the way up, down and settled at mid-height.  The buffeting was reduced but still unpleasant.  I could not hear the engine over the wind noise.

I had a similar issue on my Suzuki V-Strom 1000.  I think the manufacturers are designing stylish windscreens over functional windscreens.

I solved the problem on the Suzuki by installing a Madstad bracket.  The Madstad adjusts the height and rake.  By making the windscreen more vertical the buffeting was reduced.

After a search I found Aztec screen mounts and ordered a set from England.  They are nicely designed, very simple and well-engineered, and took three minutes to install.  They still allow height adjustment and the rake, while not adjustable, is more vertical.

The bike is transformed.  I can hear the engine and ride for hours comfortably.

If you look at the suspension summary chart I published earlier you can see the majority of the spring preload default settings are at “16” – the max available.  I don’t know if the rumor that the bike is designed for a 170 pound rider is true, but I found I had to ride with the preload on 16 to get the bike close to horizontal.  With the bike squatting in the rear, I always felt I was about to wheelie.

I found an article describing an uprated spring – 100 kn from the stock 85 – and found that the local Ducati dealer had ordered three of the uprated springs.  I got my name on one and at the 600 mile “break-in” service had the new spring installed.

I am now riding with the preload set for one rider instead of two.  The bike is horizontal for the first time and I am getting the full suspension travel.  I still need to tweak the front and rear preload to get them perfect, but the new rear spring has now given me the capability to adjust the bike appropriately.  I can now carry a full set of luggage and not have the bike squatting – an amazing improvement.

I heartily recommend both these upgrades!

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