Equipment List for Adventure Motorcycling

This is the stuff I haul along when I go on one of my motorcycle journeys, which typically range from 1,500 to 3,000 miles. I ride a Ducati 1200S and have replaced the tires with a set of Michelins that are 100% street tires. When I do the ride to Denali I will put combination tires (dirt/road) back as there are 40 miles of gravel on the route.

Category Item Comment
Repair Toolkit Try each item in kit on bike, augment as needed
Repair Spare Clutch Lever
Repair Spare Brake Lever
Repair Tire Patch Kit Appropriate to tire type
Repair Tire Pump – 12v Helps seat bead on tire
Repair Tire Pressure Gauge
Repair Chain Cleaner
Repair Chain Lube Enough for entire trip at 600 miles per lube
Repair Nitrile Gloves Box at Costco
Repair Rags for cleaning chain – in ziplock
Repair Spare Bulbs Headlight, Tail light, brake light, turn signal
Repair Alumaweld or Devcon Plastic Steel Filling holes in oil cooler, radiator, engine case, etc.
Repair Duct Tape
Camping Tent Appropriate to expected weather
Camping Sleeping Pad
Camping Sleeping Bag Synthetic, insulates when wet. In stuff bag.
Camping Candle Lantern Reading in tent
Camping Lighter/Matches
Camping Bear Spray Hopefully will keep marauding bears away!
Riding Rain Gear
Riding Riding Jacket
Riding Heated Vest
Riding Warm Weather Gloves
Riding Rain/Cold Weather Gloves
Riding Riding Boots
Riding Riding Pants One piece suit as alternative
Riding Bike Shorts Help with long days…
Riding Long Underwear Top and Bottom
Riding Synthetic Socks Hiking socks that insulate when wet
Riding Helmet
Riding Ear Plugs for wind noise
Riding Pinlock antifog faceshield insert Smoke and Clear
Photography Camera with manual
Photography Tripod
Photography Long Telephoto Wildlife and Landscapes
Photography Short Prime or Zoom (24mm) Bike shots, People
Photography Lens Cleaning Brush
Photography Spare Battery Charged
Photography Memory Cards in Ziplocks Empty/Full
Photography Card Reader for Computer For downloading and backing up photos/videos
Photography Computer with Wifi Storing, Editing and Uploading Photos/Videos
Entertainment MP3 Player Music, Podcasts, Radio when available
Entertainment Headphones/Earphones While riding and off the bike
Charging USB Cables or Chargers Camera, Laptop, Cell Phone, MP3 Player
Navigation GPS Get latest map update. Upload route info.
Navigation Maps Paper and on laptop
Navigation Guidebooks
Navigation Campground Guide If guidebooks are not adequate
Personal Gear First Aid Kit Review contents – augment/remove as needed
Personal Gear Toiletries and Medication
Personal Gear Shower Shoes
Personal Gear Camp/Hiking Shoes Hiking in riding boots can be brutal!
Personal Gear Regular Clothes For walking around town…
Personal Gear Fleece Jacket Insulates when wet – more comfortable in camp
Personal Gear Passport and ID Crossing in and out of Canada