Ducati Multistrada Issues: Clutch and Electrical

I went in to get new tires, new horn and to check the clutch. My Ducati has a history of missed shifts and false neutrals, particularly in fifth. Recently the bike was running rough in first gear – it was hard to get away from a light smoothly. The dealer keeps finding air in the hydraulic clutch line. Once they bleed the clutch it rides great again.

Today I was riding to work through Carnation and a guy tried to pull out on me. I blasted my new horn, and three minutes later the engine light blinked a few times. I made sure it was not the oil light. Then the LCD started reporting errors with the suspension, battery, stop light. Then my gps died.

I turned around and started towards Bellevue Ducati. Then my transmission started to act up. The clutch felt like it was only partially engaging and the lever felt like there was sand in the pivot. I could ride in third but not in second or first. I had to stop at a light and could not get going. I pushed the bike to the curb and coasted through the intersection. As I got up some speed I was able to get into third and lurch forward, merging back into traffic. I made it to the dealer and they loaned me a 696 while they looked at the bike. They found that the electrical was due to a loose battery terminal. Obviously from when they installed the horn. The transmission was due to a defective slave cylinder, which they replaced under warranty. Apparently there is an “unknown” recall on the slave cylinders. So if you experience either of these problems on your Multistrada hopefully you can get the bike fixed without the trauma!

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